Introduction to Financial Therapy
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Introduction to Financial Therapy


Achieving financial health means more than having a balanced portfolio.  Our finances evoke emotions, thoughts and feelings that an be further explored in order to provide a more holistic and confident financial outlook.

Military Families – Gain insight and plan to strengthen your relationship.  Achieve greater satisfaction, specific to your needs.

Women – Planning for women is extremely important: divorce, longer life expectancy, caring for children and parents all affect one’s ability to control personal finances*.

Couples – Statistics show majority of divorces contain an aspect of financial strain.  Understand your partner and how your financial decisions influence your relationship and trust**.

Financial therapy is a simple process that the financial planning industry is already designed for; you can work with your current, trusted financial planner and a financial health professional, or just the financial professional until you find a planner.  Solution-focused, financial therapy is a proactive program designed to enhance financial well-being through the study and understanding of the emotional, behavioral and relational aspects of financial health.  Create the framework and strategy today, and better manage your situation tomorrow!  Feel competent and make better money decisions, have financial integrity and develop greater financial awareness. Ignoring or behaving impulsively with money is at the root of many financial issues; you can begin transforming and actively processing to reverse these concerns.

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