Financial Health Dynamics takes a team approach: you, your client and the financial health professional.

We offer a proactive program designed to enhance financial well-being through the understanding of emotional, behavioral, and relational aspects of financial health.  Achieving financial health means more than having a balanced portfolio, and financial advisors are already reporting they spend 25% of their time working with clients on non-financial issues.  There is no longer a need to take on this responsibility alone any longer.  Clients will appreciate your willingness to understand them and help them achieve their dreams at a deeper level.  

Add Value

Deliver a New Service - Financial therapy is a new, but quickly expanding discipline, designed to integrate seamlessly with financial advisory practices as a value added service.  In the same way you would work with a CPA, working with a financial therapist brings tangible and intangible benefits to you and your clients.


Reduce Turnover and Increase Loyalty - Having the tools to understand your clients at an increasingly personalized level will deepen relationships and decrease turnover.  The most difficult time for advisors and their clients is when money changes hands generationally.  A financial health professional can assist the advisor when having emotional or difficult conversations.


Our Process

Informational Presentation - Offer a free, no obligation seminar on financial therapy.  Clients can learn what it means and how this information could affect them and their relationships.

Team Meeting - Work with your client and the financial health professional together.  Your clients and you will learn where they have strengths and areas for improvement in relation to their spending and savings plans.

Financial Health Check Ups (2 sessions) - Help your clients stay on track.  it can be difficult to stick to a new plan, and only meeting a few times a year, commitment can wane.  Partnering with a financial health professional can help clients to touch base with their plan throughout the year, discussing life-events in real-time.

Is Financial Therapy for You?

Call Us! - You do not have to decide today.  Give us a call and we will meet with you, at your offices to discuss how best to work with you and your clients.

Pricing  - There are a variety of options available, some as low as $35 a month.  Payment plans as well as package pricing can make our services affordable for anyone.

What Do Clients Think?

Clients Like Us - Clients want to feel good about their financial situation and know that their physical goals are aligned with their personal goals.  Financial therapy can ensure that this is happening.

Client Situations Change - In life we all face change, and whether the client wins the lottery or deals a difficult personal matter with financial implications, talking through the process makes a differences.  Financial therapy can facilitate healthier more proactive communication for you, your clients and their loved ones.