About M. R. Lurtz, MS – IO Psychology and Financial Wellness Advocate - Ph.D. Candidate

Working with Financial Planners Meghaan saw the importance of adding a mental health perspective to the planning process.  An experienced business advisor with a background in I/O Psychology, she combines her love of people and pro-active mentoring with specialized financial support and literacy to change lives and lifestyles for the better.  Meghaan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning with an emphasis in Financial Therapy through Kansas State University.  She enjoys working with women, couples and military families, and is actively pursuing research opportunities in order to better serve and inform her discipline and clients.

Helpful Websites

San Diego Financial Literacy Center , www.sdflc.org

Support The Enlisted Project, www.stepsocal.org

Financial Therapy Association, www.financialtherapyassociation.org